2014 Toyota Prius

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2014 Toyota Prius remains the highest gas mileage car iconic market is a practical and spacious hatchback that seats up to five while returning fuel economy is amazing, the 2014 Toyota Prius hybrid is now recognized instantly car looked more or less the same since back in the current car is now in its fifth year and now there is a whole family of Prius models 1 subcompacte a car and a plug-in hybrid.But the bulk of sales model is still delivered in the classic five-door liftback model and there will be a whole new generation coming in a year or two.It’s hybrid car par excellence recognizable from 100 feet away.The way to high 2014 Toyota Prius hatchback tail is now in its eleventh year through two generations and from a growing number of Prius sold in red states has become a staple in roads.2014 Toyota Prius shape reduces resistance aerodynamics to squeeze every last mile out of a gallon of gasoline and the result includes a domed profile and two parts split rear window plug-in Toyota Prius 2014 is almost indistinguishable from the hybrid-only model. It takes a bigger battery that can be recharged with power from the wall to give a maximum of 11 km all-electric running.The only visible differences are to a handful of items of equipment and cargo door port on the right rear fender. The other two 2014 Toyota Prius models, which have their own opinions differ considerably more.They are the smallest subcompact and larger Prius V wagon except wagon.All are rated at 50 mpg combined car is on site 2014 Toyota Prius 42 mpg combined.

2014 Toyota Prius Interior

The shape of the 2014 Toyota Prius is iconic today is like it or not, but the interior seems harsh and inconsistent graph shows the now iconic design for 2014 Toyota Prius Hybrid is well established in the queue eye.The public high way Wedge now almost horizontal tailgate with a second window to the vertical are elements that define the 2014 Toyota Prius instantly and have done since the launch of the second generation car for the drive current third generation is at its fifth year, Toyota has begun to speak in general terms about the next generation expected to be released during the unusual shape of the Prius is all to reduce air resistance squeezing every last mile every drop of Gasoline . With a drag coefficient of 0.25, remains one of the most aerodynamic cars in the market and helping to deliver this combined EPA rating of 50 mpg appreciated by economy.And fuel at this point does not like the way the car or not . Either way it is now accepted as part of the landscape of a road vehicle. Except for minor adjustments to the front and the addition of LED daytime running lights little has changed in the current Prius since its 2014 Toyota Prius launch.The distinctive high-mounted center multi information display defines flat panel design and breadth, with more information on a small screen in the center of the instrument panel behind the steering wheel wheel.But display such information is scattered and chaotic with a series of numbers icons and graphics is simply passed to other new hybrids, including the 2014 Toyota Prius.

2014 Toyota Prius Performance

2014 Toyota Prius prices charged for fuel efficiency is extreme handling lead and howling engine at full power.The most important performance statistics for 2014 Toyota Prius is its gas tariffs mileage.The EPA Prius Liftback this year at 51 mpg city and 48 mpg highway giving a combined rating of 50 mpg magic number.Just important the Prius is likely to meet this qualification or within a margin of 10 percent most drivers.The 2014 Toyota Prius powertrain consists of a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine tuned for maximum efficiency and also complemented by a pair of electric motor-package generators.There’s nickel-metal hydride battery in the rear cargo deck.The engine torque can be added to complement the engine power the car runs solely on electricity at low speeds under light loads, and recharge the battery during regenerative braking taking this waste of energy and recycle otherwise to move the car when the car needed.Running can lower gas mileage in the high 30s from the mid 40s or higher, but there is another disincentive too much noise and Engine vibrations are well suppressed under most circumstances, but if the driver requires maximum engine power lastimeramente howl as it prepares for the top of their speed range and stays there.The 2014 Toyota Prius electric power steering is lifeless and inert betrays no sign of road feel most products 2014 Toyota Prius still works like low rolling resistance tires fine.The call on nothing but smooth curve, but the grip is still Decent but discourages the car cornering.When drive four-wheel disc brakes take over from regenerative braking that work well and blend of friction and regenerative braking is unsurpassed in the field 2014 Toyota Prius.

2014 Toyota Prius Safety

2014 Toyota Prius earns the highest safety rating and has security features that keep electronic options to still get good grades on safety, including a Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety tests in Clash of the organization that received the highest rating for side collision moderate overlap crash resistance of the roof and rear seats and headrests earlier accident. And is graded “acceptable” in the new category.From small overlap of the National Road Safety Administration Prius gets a mix of four and five star results, but a five-star general agency rating.Neither Change specifically the view to the outside, but while the front end falls sharply rear view is not appropriate if laudable.New drivers will get used to the horizontal line that appears on the back-mirror interior due to rear window two panels so it is recommended to opt for the available rearview camera.Like more 2014 Toyota Prius comes with a strong body structure and a complete set of security features that were developed when it was released and remain competitive in five years later.Those includes seven airbags is the seventh driver’s knee bag, along with stability and traction control as standard antilock brakes and a tire pressure monitoring system.The 2014 Toyota Prius Hybrid offers a number Optional for electronic security systems even more you can find in another volume compact and midsize cars.They include adaptive cruise control radar system based lane departure warning system and 2014 Toyota Prius Safety Connect to alert emergency services in case of accident triggers Intelligent Parking one or more airbags.Toyota’s care system drives the car into a parking space in parallel with the system Automatic steering the car while the driver provides the acceleration and the braking system is similarly a bit better, but the system is still a rarity in car volume and a useful aid for drivers without nerve City 2014 Toyota Prius.

2014 Toyota Prius Image

2014 Toyota Prius Image

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