2014 Toyota Venza

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2014 Toyota Venza is an unconventional vehicle that defies categorization as a car or crossover, but landing somewhere in between.This flexible working to benefit the Venza but what a versatile and highly functional car that combines the best of its various niches.With 2014 Toyota Venza is one of the best five-passenger car equivalent to an adult outside without adult hatchback SUV-ness artificially style, but with a little extra space and height work for casual adventures Toyota Venza and excursions.2014 only adding power folding side mirrors for a few more models and the same front mirrors and rear parking sonar on Limited models.The style did not change much save for the adoption of a strong corrugated fence for elegant sedan body.It ‘s point along particularly well from various 2014 Toyota Venza parts and roofline and profile feel inferior to the view that some senior utes.We can not stop thinking AMC Eagle from many angles and that’s a good thing.The perfectly functional but the seat and cabin materials are more useful than sexy.There ‘s a bit too much hard plastic in contact with the driver and passenger knees what you would expect in a vehicle that may cost more Hay V-four cylinder Toyota Venza in June 2014 and both are available with a choice of front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.The base engine makes 182 horsepower 2.4-liter, while the V-6 makes 268 difference hp.The mileage is not so great between the two four-cylinder with Venzas rating to an EPA 20 mpg city 26 highway as low as 18 or 25 for the V-6 engines AWD.Both get the same traction system in the four wheels set for traceability available on road and V-6 models is a Towing Package available to tow up to 3,500 pounds 2014 Toyota Venza.

2014 Toyota Venza Interior

The 2014 Toyota Venza is conservative style but utility vehicle wagon Blending also soft and elegant and properties of cars such as the Toyota Venza 2014 is the latest evolution of the SUV market and is the outer part has properties of high-trailers that recall a touch of classics like the AMC Eagle, but with a modern and attractive touch to finish somewhere between a tall wagon and hatchback.Slightly refreshed 2014 Toyota Venza a new grille and taillights delete a model year couple of color combinations that can no longer order the Cosmic Gray exterior paint with textile or ivory leather interior and paint materials is also Sunset Bronze is no longer available with fabric or leather Black upholstery.Otherwise no cosmetic changes to 2014 Toyota Venza bearing races who speak 2014 Toyota Venza and Highlander but mixed in a new way instead of looking like a mule kludged both the design and style we have grown since their introduction in 2009 is its angle front view less attractive with the big and bold grille giving a toothy look.Inside 2014 Toyota Venza more signs as the car-dominated with smooth surfaces and unusual curve lines.An center console divides the first row, while woodgrain trim and nautical conservative make for a sharp and sophisticated look that is never boring.Our meat just the interior style is the wide center console that takes up much space 2014 Toyota Venza.

2014 Toyota Venza Performance

Competent and capable 2014 Toyota Venza drives much like a high to but do not expect any emotion behind whee in Make no mistake the 2014 Toyota Venza is not a sports vehicle.If you are looking for an engine family that doubles as a weekend out speed machine elsewhere.That said the 2014 Toyota Venza a slug either.Comfortable competent to and confidence inspiring the Venza offers more stable appearance and car-like ride and expenses that most crossovers.In many aspects feels like a heavy truck higher Camry buyers behind Toyota Venza wheel.2014 have a choice of two engines either of which are available with front-or all four wheels driving a 182-horsepower 2.4-liter 268 horsepower 3.5-liter V-four cylinder engine 6.Both or near its indices are EPA gas mileage rating with the four-cylinder to 20 mpg city and 26 mpg highway AWD scores V-6 models V-18 June 25 mpg.Venza can add an optional trailer package that allows up to 3,500 pounds of towing capacity.Sitting relatively high until the driver is presented with a driving experience that is more minivan with SUV Soft suspension tuning and features steering.Those numb it easy to drive, but the lifeblood of any possibility of excitement.The large 20-inch wheels look in good from the sidewalk but add a significant degree of ride harshness no performance benefit. Power is adequate even to with the four in cylinder engine, but the V-6 gives a smoother stronger feeling that resembles the 2014 Toyota Venza nature.

2014 Toyota Venza Safety

The 2014 Toyota Venza performs well in some crash tests and comes with a robust set of standard safety equipment mechanics and structurally unchanged from 2014 Toyota Venza earns good marks for safety from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration scoring five stars in general five stars in side impacts and four stars in frontal and rollover Insurance Institute for Highway Safety also rates ratings.The the Venza with the highest score highly in all categories, although not receive a Top Safety Pick designation.Compared to cross competition 2014 Toyota Venza offers a strong set of standard safety equipment, including seven airbags, electronic stability control and anti-lock security brakes.Available improvements include a security camera that is very useful in improving rearward visibility, which somewhat hampered by thick roof pillars 2014 Toyota Venza.

2014 Toyota Venza Image

2014 Toyota Venza Image

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