2014 Toyota Yaris

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2014 Toyota Yaris is built for travel on the roads in the city, but revealed some major weaknesses is at the bottom of the range of small cars without the model of similar size or that are hybrid sub compacte the size, but aimed at a different market segments.It’s the cheapest 2014 Toyota Yaris model in the lineup, but while the hatchback is competent sub compacte little makes it stand out above other subcompact segment in each increasingly competitive and growing because market.In 2014 Toyota Yaris car actually appears as a rather generic sub compacte hatchback.The 2014 Toyota Yaris offers the unusual choice of a model three-door and the five most common hatchback doors that was part of the line in previous years, but retired from if one of their motivations for buying a small car is the fuel economy is not particularly competitive is rated 32 or 33 mpg combined, depending on the trim level and equipment.While is several thousand dollars cheaper than the hybrid that sits next to him on the floor display of this car is 50 mpg rating or less the definition of fuel economy and a starting price 2014 Toyota Yaris of a difference in fuel consumption can be attributed to its 106-horsepower 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine.It’ll discover Barcelona well with the gearbox five-speed manual if you keep the engine accelerates but their slow noisy and outdated stocks automatic four-speed to road speed reminiscent of nothing so much as the old cars Econobox 10 or 20 years ago.More Modern technologies aimed turbocharged six-speed continuously variable transmission or injection are nowhere to be found that this car is a 2014 Toyota Yaris technologically.

2014 Toyota Yaris Interior

2014 Toyota Yaris fades into anonymity small car on the outside, but the interior is just a simple but elegant design of the striking outside.It can be seen as a small hatchback proximity to a generic family resemblance with other Toyota and tidy front lines.The skirt useful looks slightly aggressive and this generation seems brawnier and engraved with a band delivered big folding door handles and taillights that widen out the body.The sporty model has a thick cover rear bumper gives look.Inside 1:00 rally car but the cabin is much more elegant and practical than the previous model Yaris has finally acquired a generations.The toolkit behind the wheel where be.2014 Toyota Yaris models had through their instruments in a pod mounted in the center of the dashboard, which was both annoying and confusing.The board has shelf-like horizontal lines and Controls are simple and easy to Understand happy. There’s also a large cohort of integrated storage space bins shaped like trays and cup holders-including a large tray at the bottom of the dashboard passenger side 2014 Toyota Yaris.

2014 Toyota Yaris Performance

2014 Toyota Yaris is a proper actor, especially around the city, but avoid the outdated four-speed automatic has a more muscular than their predecessors, but this is not supported by what is under option from hood.The is a single engine 106-horsepower 1.5-liter four-cylinder to which is very little power against competitors with direct-injected and turbocharged engines.Its light weight helps offset the thrust is 2300 lbs subcompacts.Performance lighter one is relatively warm and that is if you change their own gears with the standard five-speed manual gearbox.You you keep the speed until the car moves gracefully around the city and begins to running out of breath on the highway speeds.Given light weight despite the Yaris is not particularly fast and can be heard clearly enough power when maximum acceleration is manual required.That has a more than four-speed automatic transmission Optional and aging that offers dramatic changes in widely spaced gears down when asked for more power.The 2014 Toyota Yaris is the only subcompacte exercise with four-speed automatic competitors have five or six-speed automatic transmission or continuously variable and its fuel efficiency ratings better reflect the new technology, the automatic also seems to offer more engine noise somehow 2014 Toyota Yaris.

2014 Toyota Yaris Safety

2014 Toyota Yaris gets excellent grades and safety is one of the most important aspects is now in his third year on the market and based on crash test ratings available at that time might suggest that if security if His main priority in a small car there are better picks.The five-door hatchback get decent safety ratings but not stellar Administration National Road Safety which gave an overall rating of four stars each composed of four stars a collision and rollover, and five stars for side impacts. The Insurance Institute to for Highway Safety gives the 2014 Toyota Yaris five-door hatchback as good the highest rating in their seats moderate overlap side collision crash crushed the roof and head restraint tests. But the small overlap frontal impact test recently achieved a classification worrisome ‘marginal’ only one point on Poor Neither rating agency three-door 2014 Toyota Yaris has nine separate the current standard airbags including handbags dashboard-mounted side bags in the front seats of a knee airbag for the driver to and roll-sensing side bags for front and rear occupants.And a more rigid body structure is likely to Accidents do better in the real world than of the same car 2014 Toyota Yaris.

2014 Toyota Yaris Image

2014 Toyota Yaris Image

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