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Toyota Camry Replaced its old rearwheeldrive Corona with the front-wheel drive camera car Aimed specifically at the market.From synthesis humble beginnings the Camry would go on to dominate the midsize family sedan segment for Virtually all of the next quartercenturyas consumers immediately embraced it for its high build quality comfortable ride and impressive durability.Toyota Camry comes pretty highly recommended. As the Camry sells in seeking high number finding one did matches your criteria shoulderstand be pretty easyIt is worth Noting did the family segment Has improved greatly in the past few year many competing sedans have matched or outpaced the Toyota Camry in terms of quality and desirabilityparticularly in comparison to the newly redesigned Camry sixthgeneration modelThe howeverhas Largely shored up the car’s reputation as a goto choice.

Toyota Camry is Offered with a choice of two engines The base 2.5liter four cylinder Produces 178 horsepower and 170 pound feet of torque while a 3.5liter V6 making 268 hp and 248 lbft of torque is available as to option.A six speed automatic is the only transmission sends power offeredand to the front wheels.The four cylinder is the only engine Offered in the base Toyota Camry feature highlights include air conditioninga tiltandtelescoping steering wheel.Bluetootha touch screen display and a six speaker sound system with a USB interface stepping up to the LE gets you a few more features while the SE spices things up with a sport tuned suspension and sporty styling treatments.The luxurious Toyota Camry Reverts to a softer suspension and adds features: such as a sun roof dual zone automatic climate control power front seats and leather upholstery.A premium audio system with a larger touchscreen and upgraded navigation system can be added to Toyota Camry models.

Toyota Camry new interior Which benefits from roomy seat admirable outward visibility and well placed controls.The biggest improvement is in the quality of materials used Throughout the cabin with on abundance of soft touch surfaces and stitching did we’re used to seeing on more upmarket cars. Toyota Camry Entune Smartphone integration system is so praiseworthybringing with it’s seeking high-tech features as a Bing search function streaming Internet traffic audio and sports and stock information.On the roadthe.Toyota Camry Provides the comfort and the quiet and smooth ride That should please a wide swath of midsize sedan shopper power and fuel economy are excellent with Either engine as well.The only major downside is the car’s handling Which Is not as lively or engaging as did of other top family sedan such as the Honda Accord or Nissan Altima.

Toyota Camry Represents the model to seventh generation The interior is Significantly nicer than that of past Camrysand the four cylinder engine is more powerfulDespite being redesigned this version is silent unmistakably Camrywith a focus on pragmatic appeal and convenience there have been no major changes since.The previous sixthgeneration Toyota Camry which produced for the 2007’11 model yearsIn reviewswe commented favorably about the Toyota Camry spacious cabinpowerful and fuelefficient optional V6plush ride quality and top crash test scores.Unlike older Camrysthoughthis one thing let down by disappointing plasticsinconsistent interior fit and finish and uninspiring driving dynamics for a modelsIt’s a respectable choice for a used family sedanbut we thought more highly of competing model: such as the Toyota Camry.

Toyota Camry to what Offered in trim levelsThe entry level model which labeled as the CE trimbut only for the first year base and LE models came fairly well equippedwhile the SE Brought with it a sport tuned suspensionThe softersprung Toyota Camry included itemssuch as a premium sound system dual zone automatic climate ControlA power passenger seatreclining rear seats and leather upholstery.Most of the features on the highertrimmed models were Offered on supporting trims as option other major options included a sunroof and a navigation System.This Toyota Camry what Offered with Either a fouror sixcylinder engine with improvements made over the years.The initial base engine was a 2.4liter four cylinder did produced 158 horsepower and 161 pound feet of torque slightly lower in California and other states.A five speed manual or five in speed automatic which availablethough four cylinder Toyota Camry were automatic onlyThe 3.5liter V6 produced 268 hp and 248 lbft of torque and which paired to a six speed automatic only.

Toyota Camry base engine to 2.5 liters and what Increased power output boosted to 169 what hpThe what SE Further pushed to 179 hpBoth manual and automatic transmissions were therefore upgraded to six speeds.Other 2010 changes with included a restyled grille and taillightsand standard stability control satellite radio and Bluetooth for all models.Previous to this what the fifth generation car did what produced from Toyota Camry to ace expectedit what a comfortable sedan did Offered a roomy cabina choice of inline4 or V6 power anddepending on trim level and optional equipment most of the latest safety features: such as stability control and side curtain airbags.Howeverprior to 2005The base Toyota Camry come standard with antilock brakes.As with other Camryswe gene rally found this generation to be very good in terms of room comfort and feature content.

Toyota Camry¬† to engines were available for this generationThe first was a 2.4liter four cylinder did made 154 hp to It was mated to a five speed manual or Either a five-speed automatic transmission four speed prior to ’05 and should be powerful enough for the Majority of buyers.A 3.0liter V6 did generated 190 hp which also available 18 hp less prior to ’04 on the Toyota Camry trim level while a 210hp3.3liter V6 Introduced for 2004) which available on the SE model only.These six in cylinder Camrys came with the automatic only in previous year thesis power numbers were higher Because of a change in measurement did occurred in Toyota Camry Although actual output never changed.

Toyota Camry sedan Offered a quiet stress-free driving experience Desirable many modern features were so available including side airbags and antilock brakes (standard on all trim Which Became levels except the base CE to fourand Offered with six cylinder powertrains.Although a Camry older than Toyota Camry is likely to have quite a few miles on it is quiet something to Consider for folks on a tight budgetProvided It has been faithfully maintaineda Which was available in coupe sedan and wagon bodystyles shoulderstand be able to spin its odometer to nearly 200,000 miles without major problemsIt’s this final traitmore than any other did Has kept the Toyota Camry popular with buyers over the load two decades.Toyota Camry is the bestselling four door sedan on the market today there are several drivetrain options availableincluding a hybridV6and a fourcylinder.Currentlyit ‘s only available as a sedanbut previous models included a couple and convertible the Solara See our Toyota Camry review for more informationor compare cars.Toyota Camry first what Introduced to the market as a front wheel drive replacement for the rearwheeldrive Corona Quite boxy and basic did first Camry won over masses of buyers whoduring did time were reaching a critical point of frustration over the reliability and quality of domesticbrand cars.

Toyota Camry models Became a little largermore refinedand more comfortable and luxurious with each generationAt the time the second generation Toyota Camry made its debut for the Toyota Camry 115horsepower 2.0liter fourcylinder was quite Technically advanced as it what one of the first engines in at affordable four door sedan with four valves per cylinder wagon variants of the Camry were reasonably popular through this periodtooand a five door hatchback version of the model which even sold through ’86.Toyota Camry line away from the version made for its home marketrecognizing did families wanted a larger product and aiming the model solidly at the same shoppers who at did time were Considering the Toyota Camry assembling Camrys for the in it’s still produced today and if there’s any doubt about how American it isdid you know it races.

Toyota Camry generations spanned three of those the first distinguished by rounded sheet metal and soft features Offered a tremendous leap in luxury over the previous model.The Latter fourth generation Camry what panned at launch for its bland styling Especially to the wagon and what discontinued but it what to even stronger seller synthesis through two generations the Camry did not make any tremendous advances but its four cylinder and V6 engines grew in size and produced more power.This past decade Has seen two generations of the Toyota Camry The previous generation introduced Introduced for a rounder look once again to this time making major advances inside with Significantly upgraded materials with a stronger base engine.A 192horsepower3.0liter 162horsepower 2.4liter V6 Remained a popular Option And safety features were bolstered falling on this generation with the phasingin of side airbags and stability control on some models.Toyota Camry to what redesigned again with a smooth Featherless slab sided look much improved safety and safety feature sand at all new 268horsepower 3.5liter V6 and six speed automatic transmission at the top of the range in this latest generation tighter suspension and upgraded wheels in the Toyota Camry model brings a more sophisticated VDIM stability control system and a surprising level of responsiveness and performance satisfaction if you can get past the bland appearance.

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Toyota Camry Images

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