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Toyota Supra remains one of most popular models with performance enthusiasts available through much of the to the Supra what the company ‘s flagship sports coupeDesigned to be more of a grand in touring coupe than a hard edged sports carthe Supra Rewarded owners with its easy to drive nature and so powerful engines.It Pioneered new technologies to it what the first Toyota Supra electronic fuel injection to get and the first Toyota in America to have a turbocharged engine Both antilock brakes and.

Few people probably remember doing the Toyota Supra Actually started life as to the enhanced performance spinoff of the CelicaKnown as the Celica Supra This model which based on the old rearwheeldrive Celica hatchback of the late ’70sCompared to its less expensive sibling the Supra featured on inline six cylinder engine and more featuresIt first Became its own distinct model in 1986 When the third generation Supra debuted.Toyota Supra This thirdgen Supra what When the nameplate really started to hit it strideespecially after the introduction of the Toyota SupraBut this was just a prelude to what would become Toyota Supra most convincing sports car to date the fourth and final generation Toyota Supra Which was one of the most exciting and affordable high performance sports cars of the ’90s.

Toyota Supra Turbo a sensible alternative to European exoticsit So Became of aspirational car for a new breed of import enthusiasts who found the turbocharged inline6 extremely easy to tweak for massive Increases in horsepower toyota discontinued the Toyota Supra market after the 1998 model year due to declining demandbut the car quietly remains a very popular used sports carFor many yearsrumors of a fifth generation Toyota Supra have swirled aboutSo farhowever.Toyota Has not announced any official plans for a replacement.

The fourth generation Toyota Supra what part of the  muscle car revolution of the  from it was a major step up from the previous generation Supra in Both appearance and performance what a quiet rearwheeldrive Tudor hatchback and it still had a long sloping nose but Toyota added some serious sex appeal by giving the body more curvaceous lines.Toyota Supra The base trim level came with a 3.0liter 24valve inline6 engine did generated 220 horsepower and 215 pound feet of torqueIt what Offered with Either a five speed manual or a four speed automatic more impressive what the Supra Turbo Powered by a sequential twin turbo charged 3.0liter 24valve inline6the Turbo produced 320 hp and 315 lbft of torque Zero to 60 times were in the low 5second rangeFor the first timethe Supra Looked and drove like an exotic performance Carand it came loaded with a number of standard features thatwere impressive for the dayincluding traction ControlA limitedslip differential17inch aluminum alloy wheelsa sporttuned suspension and a sixspeed manual transmission.

The fourth generation Toyota Supra Remained Relatively unchanged Throughout its life span the base model got a revised final drive ratio for better on the line accelerations Turbo lost its six speed manual for one year in due to emission regulations only the four -speed automatics were available but regained it.That year thus marked the Supra ‘s 15th anniversary and Both trim levels received standard equipment upgrade : such as a rear spoiler and premium sound six speed turbo so got polished alloy wheels and a removable sport roof.If you are Considering a used fourthgeneration Toyota Supra probably knowthat Both engines are strong performers and have -acquired reputations for excellent reliabilityThe key to finding a good used specimen is knowing the car ‘s history many Supras havebeen extensively modifiedbut some Modifications can be removed in order to make the car Appear Largely stock make sure you are confident did the car Has not been added anonymously abused before signing on the dotted line so did note due to the Supra ‘s stillcompetitive performance and Easily modifiable natureresale values ​​Especially on turbocharged models are remarkably high .

Toyota Supra released the original Which was based on the Celica Supra liftbackThe was longer and wider than the but the primary difference what the Supra ‘s engine 2.6liter inline6 Which was the first Toyota engine with electronic fuel injection 1981 Toyota Supra Replaced the engine with a 2.8liter singleoverheadcam inline6That year Toyota supra therefore revised the final drive ratio in the four -speed automatic transmission (a five speed manual what standard) and optional sport suspension Offered at.The similar second generation Toyota Supra featured a 2.8liter dualoverheadcam inline6 did made ​​145 hpFor the first time Toyota Offered two trims : LTYPE and PerformanceMechanicallythey were identifiably different wheat into the bodywork performance trim got fender identical wheels and into a sport bodyworks 1984Toyota made ​​a few slight Modifications to the enginebumping power up to 160 enginebumping the Celica Supra Remained Relatively unchanged until the next generation .

Toyota Supra is Largely forgotten antiques at this point but They June attract interest from a nostalgic enthusiastsTheir reputation for durability Means That You a Relatively a nostalgic enthusiastsTheir reputation and rust free model Could be a decent purchase.When Toyota Supra changed the Celica to a front wheel drive car in 1986it Identified the Supra as its own model for the first timeOfficially designated as a modelthe third generation Toyota Supra which equipped with a 200hp 3.0liter inline6 engineBut at 3500 poundsit what Roughly 500 pounds heavier than the previous Celica Supra Overall performance what not particularly thrill Meaningless than a year laterhoweverToyota added a 230hp turbocharged model to the lineupwhich what Capable of running from zero to 60 mph in the mid7second rangeBlown headgaskets are a known trouble on the otherwise dependable third generation Toyota Supra.

Toyota Supra Concept

Toyota Supra Concept

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