2014 Volkswagen Beetle

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2014 Volkswagen Beetle Ranges from green to sporty all the while wearing a dapper take on classic lines STIs Redesigned for the model year the newest 2014 Volkswagen Beetle Was designed from the ground up to have universal appeal and by accounts must they’ve give the job.It’s far from a Corny Tribute to the Past But it does incorporate key elements of the original 2014 Volkswagen Beetle Aesthetic marrying it with modern style to form an Instantly recognizable profile.The first 2014 Volkswagen Beetle Was a Charmer in ITS own right But STIs day is long past.The 2014 Volkswagen Beetle That Replaced it allows almost universal design Acclaim for STIs When Introduced But Did not stand the test of time.Now The Third Time Around to the Beetle Appears to have once again hit stride Taking the Best of and forebears building where them.Wanting to draw in more male buyers have the Beetle’s look more masculine Grown Especially with the lower flatter roof line and more upright Windshield.At The Same Time It’s modern but not trendy in a simple way.This Shape With its shapely But Should hold up over the details years.Inside the design clean and Flowing rounded rectangles and circles with the most simple themes.Controls Both are on the wheel and in the center stack.For Both The Inside to and the Outside Throwback looks from the ’50s ’60s and ’70s are available as is a special-edition 2014 Volkswagen Beetle.

2014 Volkswagen Beetle Interior

2014 Volkswagen Beetle at Much has been made of the male aspect of the new car to carry but in truth is only slightly more than the brave but also predominantly sexist However you care to draw lines owned by a woman but the lines themselves are clearly Beetle attractive.Simple simple classic quality that points to future timelessness 2014 Volkswagen Beetle crushed bows and subtle flares could only fit one inside the car.The Beetle Simple and useful nod to its classic predecessor while incorporating all the modern digital technology that want.For those with a taste for the look of the 2014 Volkswagen Beetle consider some ready-made equipment lines to evoke the spirit of The model every decade of the 50s in particular is simple and clean in his compelling new model aesthetic The adds his own vision with a yellow and black theme inside and out to make a striking appearance sporting 2014 Volkswagen Beetle .

2014 Volkswagen Beetle Performance

The R-Line 2014 Volkswagen Beetle retains its turbo boost while the new GSR adds some visual instinct never quite slow but not very fast or even R-Line trim the 2014 Volkswagen Beetle looking for a balance of performance and almost model year it will be strange for buyers beetle first part of the model year saw the 170-horsepower 2.5-liter five-cylinder base engine only to be replaced by a new 1.8-liter turbocharged also four-cylinder rated at 170 horsepower but with 16 percent less efficiency.Slightly most available speed could improve the driving experience on the little pokey 2.5 liter.Step until 2014 Volkswagen Beetle replacing the Beetle Turbo 2014 and get a 210-horsepower 207 foot-pounds 2.0-liter turbocharged four cylinder.The extra power gives pep remarkable R-Line and passing ability but is not all that said quickly despite the relatively light curb weight 3042 kg manual equipped car.In any way the Beetle is smooth and comfortable apparently normal but manages to grab and swing without excessive outflows more courageous None of steering controls and brakes especially much to offer in the way of communication with the 2014 Volkswagen Beetle driver but.

2014 Volkswagen Beetle Safety

2014 Volkswagen Beetle evidence includes a good set of safety equipment standard hardtop The National Traffic Safety Administration five-star general in the front ratings.Those four-star rollover ratings are high and indicative of structural Institute Insurance soundness.The beetle for Highway Safety IIHS also gave the 2014 Volkswagen Beetle first level the scores mostly but not just get “marginal” in the new small overlap frontal test lasts.Safety equipment standard 2014 Volkswagen Beetle includes front side and curtain usual antilock brakes and stability control and active headrests good visibility through the windows and large mirrors make for easy sight lines in traffic Bluetooth is standard or available on any 2014 Volkswagen Beetle offers increased security and hands-free phone calls is a new rearview camera models available on top-of-the-line but will not be available until the end of the year 2014 Volkswagen Beetle model.

2014 Volkswagen Beetle Diesel

2014 Volkswagen Beetle Diesel

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